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17 May 2016
Reflecting on an unplanned and imperfect career path so far.
16 May 2016
Feeling pleased with myself that I got Drupal and Flexbox to play nicely together, even though an old-fashioned approach may have made more sense.
13 May 2016
Exploring the new (and old) options for theme development in Drupal 8
3 May 2016
Figuring out how to get custom migration classes to work with a Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 upgrade, and managing code chaos, some of it self-inflicted.
1 May 2016
I got started with task runners a while ago using Grunt, thanks to an excellent 24 ways article by Chris Coyier. Lately I've been using Gulp more, and all the cool kids seem to be going that way, so for the Drupal 8 version of The Gallery Guide, I've decided to use Gulp.
29 Apr 2016
This article was originally posted on the Capgemini Engineering blog.
25 Apr 2016
Simple slideshows without modules or JavaScript with Sass in Drupal 8
13 Apr 2016
Some common mistakes by project managers and lead developers
6 Apr 2016
As happens so often, real life has been getting in the way of making more progress on my attempts to migrate The Gallery Guide from Drupal 6 to 8.
8 Mar 2016
Having eventually got my new VM up and running, I ended up down another rabbit hole for a little while. It took me longer than it should have done to figure out that configuration can be included in an installation profile.