Thoughts on the web, the world, and work

4 Mar 2015
There are periods in some software projects when the atmosphere gets very strange. It’s what Sir Alex Ferguson would call "squeaky bum time" - deadlines are approaching, and everyone is getting nervous.
16 Feb 2015
We’re in an age of rapidly evolving technology, and a lot of us are struggling to keep up with the pace of change. Different mental models apply to different means of communication, and most of those mental models date from a pre-digital age.
16 Nov 2014
Sudden changes of direction are dangerous If you ride close to the kerb, you'll need to pull out sharply to go around obstacles. It's much better to see hazards early, and steer a gentle course around them.
11 Nov 2014
So Amazon have released Siri in a box. Big deal. But there's something faintly disconcerting about it all.
22 Oct 2014
I like cover versions. At least I do when they're doing something interesting with the song. I don't really see the point of recording straight copies of songs - it would be like a tribute band making an album.
12 Jun 2014
Recently I had to investigate a strange bug that only happened on our pre-production environment. Code that was fine all through our other development and test environments was causing a white screen of death on the home page. Not good.
28 May 2014
I spend a lot of time working. Too much time. I go home and I'm exhausted, and still I'm thinking about work. I don't get round to making plans to have a social life, because I work so much. And I'm not the only one.
28 May 2014
While most of the attention during Seb Lee-Delisle's session at smashing conference was focused on the lasers, something else he showed reminded me that I've been meaning to explore canvas animation for ages.
10 Apr 2014
Sometimes I think there's too much democracy in the workplace, and that what we need is benevolent dictatorship. There's too much taking account of how everyone feels about an issue, too much talking around the issues, too little action. In short, too many meetings.
10 Apr 2014
As I've said before, geeks like control, but sometimes it's good to cede control. On my iPod I have a smart playlist of things I haven't listened to yet, which is mostly full of podcasts.